Play Free Mahjong Titans Online Game

Game levels

One hundred and forty-four bones built over five floors. The first level is the most quantitative, it is the basis. The bars of the second, third and fourth dry up over time. There is only one name on the top floor. When arranging puzzles, the titles are placed next to the tiles. Such a layout does not allow you to go out of the way of disassembly according to the rules, we’ll talk about it later, you can scroll a little lower and you will find it, but now think about how to disassemble it!

Mahjong Titans game description

 The essence of the game is to remove all dominoes from the playing field.

This version of the game uses:

  • Chinese dominoes arranged in a five-level pyramid;
  • The game contains a total of 3 sets of dice (hieroglyphs, coins and bamboo), pieces with the sides of the world, birds and geisha;
  • Unlike many solitaire options, there is no time limit – you can think long and hard about each step;
  • Due to the bulky nature of the solitaire, the most convenient way to disassemble it is to unfold it to full screen – in collapsed mode it is difficult to see the denominations of dominoes.

Mahjong Titans game rules

To clear the field, you must remove two identical dominoes. Only tiles that are on the edges of the pyramid and not covered with the top layer of tiles are removed.

The difficulty of the game is that one wrong move can result in a loss while there are still chips in the field and you cannot take a step. You can avoid this situation by thinking a few steps ahead of your actions.

This version of the game changed the general rule of solitaire. Therefore, third party dotted tiles are not considered the same and cannot be removed. Images of people and plants are considered to be similar.

Mahjong Titans Game Features

The game is very easy to use – you need to collect Solitaire using the left mouse button. Solitaire does not require any investments – the game is free.

In this version of the game, you cannot shuffle the dice on the field or receive hints, you just need to rely on your strength. In general, the game is made in the spirit of minimalism – there is nothing superfluous on the pitch except dominoes and a button. The number of points scored can only be checked at the end of the game.