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Interesting and addictive game – Mahjong Connect

Mahjong is entertainment for those who cannot live without logic and thinking. It existed for a long time in the form of a board game popular in Japan, China, the countries of Southeast and East Asia. Over time, the game of chance moved to the computer version of solitaire, and later to the color online version. The graphics of the recently released mahjong is significantly different from the first computer solitaire – now both the quality and variety of the dice are impressive.

You can play mahjong both alone and with friends – it depends on what type of game you choose: a computer application or a puzzle.

Let’s figure it out! When did mahjong arrive? Who turned this kids game into the most famous solitaire game on the PC? What is the difference between the rules of the different versions of the game? We will also talk about how to win the match. Read carefully and the title of “master mahjong” is guaranteed!

History of appearance Mahjong connect

There are several versions of the creation of mahjong at once: some are legendary and unproven (as in the story with Confucius, the fisherman Jie, or Noah’s Ark), and some are truly proven.

Classic version Mahjong connect

The first myth about the creation of the game is related to Confucius – they say that he invented it around 500 BC, when he traveled and passed his teachings to ordinary people. Someone says the game is called “mahjong” (sparrow) because the philosopher loved birds. Others believe that the three main characteristics: White, Red and Green Dragons correspond to the three main virtues according to Confucius – honesty, kindness and respect for parents.

The second myth is how a fisherman named Jie invented a puzzle game for his seasick comrades. This made fishing so difficult for them that Jie knocked out small ornaments and dots on the bones and offered his companions a mahjong match. She made the players a riddle to the point that they forgot about motion sickness.

The Third Flood Myth. Some religious writings claim that a Mahjong-like game was played on Noah’s Ark. In addition, the east direction in the solitaire itself is a reference to the east wind that inflated the sails of the ark.

In fact, mahjong is a very young game, just over 150 years old. There is no evidence that entertainment or similar pastimes existed until the mid-nineteenth century. A popular theory is that “Chinese dominoes”, as they are called mahjong, appeared in the province of one of the cities – Hangzhou or Shanghai and was a mixture of the widespread Ma-Diao card game with ordinary dominoes. The creators of this entertainment are called officers of the Chinese National Army, who invented it to make the time more pleasant. Initially, mahjong was played only in the vicinity of Beijing and along the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, then the game became famous throughout China, with time mahjong gained popularity in Europe and America.

First computer version Mahjong connect

Closer to the twenty-first century, they began to actively generate applications for users’ computers and consoles – games in the popular logical, travel, racing, educational, arcade and other directions.

In 1981, mahjong moved to desktop computers as solitaire – you had to collect it yourself, not four, as classic mahjong suggested.

Traditional Mahjong

For starters, it’s important to understand how to play the classic, simplest version of mahjong, and then we’ll move on to the colorful and intricate applications in the Mahjong – Best Games section!

Player inventory

Images on tokens, dots, colors, suits – what does it all mean?

There are only three colors: painted with dots, bamboos or symbols. The tiles of each color are numbered from one to nine, and each tile is presented in 4 copies.

“Older”, more important dice also appear in the game, which are called honers: winds and dragons. There are only 4 winds – one for each direction and three dragons (white, red, and green). Bone with “wind” is repeated 4 times in a set, dragons – individually.

The other bones are flowers and seasons. There are 4 varieties of flower chips, they can be painted with plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. There are 4 “seasonal” tokens, like the seasons. Both the bones with the seasons and the bones with flowers come in a set of 1.


They are simple – you need to destroy the proposed large piece as quickly as possible, removing the pieces in pairs. Some bones hide under others due to the layering of the figure, so you must eliminate the top tiles to get to them.

Connect Mahjong

The standard rules are spiced up with an interesting addition: when you remove one token, all the top ones crumble downwards. The game cannot be fully calculated and the strategy is built only 3-4 moves ahead. Lots of people have played classic mahjong, but Connect isn’t for everyone. What about you – can you handle it?